Mexican Coffee Kit

An imported special US edition box loaded with caffeine and happiness for grown ups.

Café Americano - molido - la fuente - konffee
Café A la Canela - molido - la fuente - konffee
Café De Olla - molido - la fuente - konffee
Kit Konffee USA
Shirt - konffee
Thermo - konffee
Sketchbook 3 - konffee
Mason Jar - konffee
Stickers - konffee
Shirt sketch - konffee
Sketchbook 1 - konffee
Shirt illustration - konffee

This package comes with 3 bags of half kilo Mexican ground coffee signature blends; plus custom designed items: 1 t-shirt, 1 thermo, 1 sketchbook —hand stained with real coffee—, 1 mason jar and 2 stickers.

AMERICANO. Intense and Balanced Blend. Pure Roasted Mexican Origin Ground Coffee, 100% Arabica.
A LA CANELA. Distinctive Blend. 100% Arabica Ground Coffee, accented with undertones of cinnamon.
AMERICANO. Traditional Blend. 100% Arabica Ground Coffee, accented with undertones of chocolate, sugar and anise.

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$ 99.00 USD

250 available

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