How to forget that day when we ran out of coffee, we don't want it to happen again.

Konffee - Story - coffee by subscription service

To Coffee Lovers From Coffee Lovers

We are a family project, driven with creative talent from Saltillo, Reynosa and USA, that promotes Mexican coffee consumption, working in collaboration with producers & roasters throughout the country.

Online Mexican Coffee Boutique

A Distribution Company


[kohn-fee] /ˈkɔn fi/: Konffee is a mix between the Spanish word ‘confortable’ and the word ‘coffee/kaffee’. Also, the name read with Spanish pronunciation is “CON-FE”, which means ‘with faith’.


Konffee helps coffee drinkers save money & time by ordering and receiving specialty coffee from Mexican roasters, through an online sales and subscription delivery system.

Following the tips at Startup Madlibs


Keeping it simple. Our logo is made from an original and custom hand written typography and it’s enclosed in a square to resemble a postage stamp.


2019. Lo que empezó como una simple iniciativa solamente de promoción de Café Mexicano a domicilio, se ha transformado ahora en una misión por fomentar el desarrollo de diversos productores Mexicanos en el mercado internacional y nacional; abarcando variedad de nuevos productos, marcas e ideas.