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Refund & Return Policy

Committed to provide you with an excellent service, quality, care, trust and satisfaction guarantee.

—The customer has the right to return any merchandise that is not to his liking in a term no longer than 12 days from the date of receipt. After 18 days have passed since your purchase, unfortunately we can not offer refunds or exchanges.

—Regarding consumer products, taking into account food safety reasons, only returns of goods in perfect condition, in their original and completely enclosed packaging, will be accepted. The shipping costs of the order will not be refundable, except in case of erroneous shipment of merchandise.

—If at the time of delivery, the product and/or its packaging are damaged or the product received does not correspond your purchase; please contact us immediately at the e-mail address: hello [at] konffee.com or by telephone: (844) 361-9116; to follow up and give timely attention and solution to your request.

—If it is a merchandise change, the shipping cost of the merchandise you return and the new product sent to you will be on your account. If you wish to return the merchandise for other reasons and it is in perfect condition the refund will be only for the price of the purchase of the product, not including shipping costs of any kind.

—After receiving and inspecting your return, we will send you an email notifying the reception of the merchandise. After confirming and evaluating the status of the latter, we will notify you of the approval or rejection of your refund. And in case of being approved we will ask you the means of payment to process the refund.

—Only items with normal prices can be reimbursed, those that are specified as ‘special offers’ can not be refunded.

—All sales of subscriptions are final and total or partial returns of the amount paid for services purchased will not be made.

We are here to help you, through Facebook, WhatsApp and any other mean specified in our contact area.

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