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Experimenting with a cold filtered coffee version

We have always seen coffee as a hot drink; but as temperatures rise and there is no craving for a steaming cup of coffee, it is good to experiment with other options.

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Before we begin. Cold coffee is not just the one you left over from the coffee maker and put it in the refrigerator for a while. Hot water coming in contact with your ground coffee mix generates flavor chemical reactions that are filtering into the container, then transferred to your cup. We can mention then that this process, in particular, is designed to be enjoyed at the moment. On the contrary, when we let hot coffee cool down, the phenomenon of oxidation will quickly take care of subtracting quality in aroma and taste to your final drink.

Now, it is not bad to refresh yourself with leftover coffee, mixed with ice or in frappé; however there is another way with the promise of better and intense flavor.

Cold coffee is not just coffee that’s cold. Emma Christie

Cold filtering.

Without complications, a good dose of cold brew coffee is obtained when we simply soak ground coffee in cold water or at room temperature, letting time do its work. It will be enough with a minimum of 12 hours of rest, so the coffee transfers some of its essence, notes and great taste to the water, without affecting drastically its chemistry compared when we use heat.

So while some people mention that drinking hot coffee when the temperature rises is one of the best remedies to mitigate the heat, it never hurts to have different options to enjoy a good coffee regardless of the season.

receta café frío - konffee - café por suscripción

A simple recipe.

Experimenting and combining some of our signature blends —Americano, Canela, De Olla & Descafeinado— a few spoons of this blend here and a spoon from this other there…

  1. Take a pitcher or any container. Add ground coffee and then cold water. —The amount of coffee used will depend on taste, desired intensity and personal preference, however, in this case we will follow the measure of 1 tbsp “topped” for each cup of water. Experiment to taste.
  2. Cover the jar or container with a lid and let rest, rest and rest. —Let the mixture sit preferably overnight or, as we mentioned, a minimum of 12 hours.
  3. Look for a sieve, and another container, to separate the soaked ground grain from the water loaded with all the coffee flavor. —You can use a common coffee maker filter along with the sieve to prevent pieces of coffee from passing to the water.
  4. Serve & enjoy. Add more ice, sugar, milk, chocolate and any ingredient you like. —You can keep the leftover liquid for up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator and continue to cool your days when it’s hot.


Share with us your comments, and if you know someone who might like this tasty recipe, feel free to share it.


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