A Very Exclusive Collection of True Mexican Coffee

Mexico has a great diversity of coffee, one of the best in the world, really tasty and of special quality, with different exquisite flavors that are worth knowing & sharing.

52 Colección de Café Mexicano - konffee

Tradition, Art & Design

From the hand of excellent producers; people who sow, care, harvest and process each grain, with love and great commitment; we have the opportunity to discover and enjoy great flavors, share delicious cups and, above all, promote national and international consumption, with the support of creativity and artistic details as a distinctive. Therefore, on November 22, 2019, we had the honor of presenting an Exclusive Collection, our own brand of Mexican Craft Coffee.

52 Café Mexicano sketch - konffee

Proposal 52

A simple idea that emerged in early 2019 after we had the opportunity to taste and taste a lot of Mexican coffee. For little over 3 years we have tried excellent, good, regular, and bad coffees, from $70, $ 00, to$ 800 pesos per kilo. Time has allowed us to know, appreciate the flavor and effort contained in each grain, in addition to making direct contact with women and men passionate about producing high quality coffee, especially for those willing to experience it.

“A creative initiative to showcase the great variety and quality of Mexican Coffee, throughout a special collection of some of the best coffees in the country.”

52 Café Mexicano, by Konffee

As an identifier, in universal language, we took the numbers 52 —five two— because they represent the telephone prefix of Mexico, assigned by the ITU (International Telecommunication Union), a specialized organization of the United Nations Organization, UN.

52 Café Mexicano Artesanal - konffee
52 Classic - Café Mexicano Artesanal Chiapas - konffee 52 Deluxe - Café Mexicano Artesanal Oaxaca - konffee

The 52 crew

There is work, ideas and artistic value behind this project. United with a common goal, talent and collaboration within an excellent team; from the image design made by noriki, the style and strokes of a great artist and illustrator such as Natalia Blanco / La Panorámica Editorial, the impeccable photograph of Hugo Skull / We Are The Monkeys, the animation and video of Gráfica del Norte, to the support of our family, friends and clients; the result has been well received, so we are very happy and grateful.

52 Café Mexicano Crew - konffee

New objectives, goals and challenges are on the way, always taking into account the work and quality of the Mexican people.

MEXICO produces excellent quality coffees, since its topography, height, climates and soils allow it to grow different varieties. There are 15 coffee producing entities, of which Veracruz, Chiapas and Oaxaca, are the most famous, and are the ones we started with; however, we can mention that we have 12 States to discover, from San Luis Potosí, Querétaro, to Jalisco, Puebla & many more.


Know & share

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Coffee Seasoned Steak • Yes, you read it right. This is a different and special combination truly worth preparing, enjoying & sharing during a barbecue or dinner, along with your family and friends.

Experimenting with a cold filtered coffee version • We have always seen coffee as a hot drink; but as temperatures rise and there is no craving for a steaming cup of coffee, it is good to experiment with other options.

How is a Coffee Subscription Service useful? • If there have been subscriptions for a long time, newspapers or any other magazines easily arrive to our homes or offices; now imagine if we can also get tasteful packages of Mexican coffee.


2019. Lo que empezó como una simple iniciativa solamente de promoción de Café Mexicano a domicilio, se ha transformado ahora en una misión por fomentar el desarrollo de diversos productores Mexicanos en el mercado internacional y nacional; abarcando variedad de nuevos productos, marcas e ideas.